Project X Vs. Project X LZ Iron Shafts: Which One Is Better?

The Project X and X LZ iron shafts use cutting-edge technology to take your game to the next level. Players should know the key differences between Project X and the LZ Iron Shafts.

Both iron shafts have some similarities and differences. They are durable due to their steel construction but differ in design, length, degree of loft, forgiveness, and performance.

Several factors influence the performance of golf club shafts and must be carefully considered. Which is better, Project X or Project X LZ iron shafts? This guide will assist you in determining which golf shaft is best for you. Don’t put it off any longer- scroll down.

Project X Vs. Project X LZ Iron Shafts

Quick Comparison: Project X Vs. Project X LZ Iron Shafts

Here are some key distinctions between Project X and Project X LZ. Read them thoroughly because your performance is heavily reliant on iron shafts.

FactorProject x Iron ShaftsProject x LZ Iron Shafts
DesignRifle designLoading Zone Technology
Length37-41.5” 40-36.5”
Distance 175 – 210 yards175 – 210 yards
Weight gradually115g-120g-125g-120g110g-115g-120g-125g
PerformanceLow launch with low spinMid-launch iron shaft
CostLess expensive Most expensive 
Swing Speed120 mph120 mph

Project X Iron Shafts

Project X ordinary shafts are still among today’s most well-known wedge and iron shafts. Project X is a popular choice among players who want to improve the stability and control of their iron shafts.

Players with iron shafts can help get the most out of their entire set when swinging quickly or aggressively.

The Project X LZ Iron Shafts

LZ (Loading Zone) provides the best feel and performance in the Project X lineup and is aimed at a wider range of golfers. LZ iron shafts are almost as if the best features of Project X and PXi were combined, a little more magic dust was added, and something incredible was created.

Differences Between Project X And Project X LZ Iron Shafts

Design And Technology

Many players prefer the standard Project X shaft. Stepless shafts offer more consistent and reduced launches than traditional shafts. Project X is fantastic for improving dispersion and dialling in precise shots.

The Project X LZ is a solid iron shaft with extra feel and premium materials. The Project X LZ (Loading Zone) from True Temper combines proprietary technology to increase shaft load and ball speed.


The Project X irons are said to have a low launch and spin. A stable tip on the Project X shaft is the secret to the ball’s low, piercing flight with no spin. It’s ideal for players who want to improve their approach shots and gain control over their dispersion.

A mid-launch iron shaft, such as the Project X LZ, outperforms the design platform. Furthermore, the LZ technology creates a smooth feel, which improves performance and playability. The impact will give your downswing a kick that will keep the ball trajectory low without sacrificing distance.


Project X Shafts are available in woods, hybrids, and irons. These fantastic shafts can be tailored to fit your golf equipment. Choosing the right golf shaft is critical for increasing the distance and accuracy of your game.

True Temper steel iron shafts now have the best iron shaft to add to their stable of innovative technology. The Project X LZ is ideal for players looking for performance gains with a smooth feel.


Steel iron shafts from Project X are known for their strength and quality. Whether the swing is perfect or not, it will generate tremendous power. As a result, with these shafts, you will look and feel like one of the best players in the world.

Throughout Project X, we strive to make as stable shafts while providing excellent distance control.

If you want maximum distance in your swings without sacrificing control or stability, the Project X LZ Steel Iron is the shaft for you.

The tip and grip are noticeably stiffer. More energy can be created and delivered to the ball by increasing its stiffness. As a result, you have better control over ball distance.

project x vs project x lz

Project X Vs. Project X LZ Iron Shafts: Length

The iron shaft gives True Temper’s acclaimed steel iron shafts a technological boost. The Project X and Project X LZ Iron Shafts are very similar, but each has its advantages.

Type of ClubProject X Steel IronsProject X Lz Steel Irons
2 Iron40″ 1/2
3 Iron40″40″
4 Iron39″- 1/239- 1/2
5 Iron39″ 39″
6 Iron38″- 1/238″- 1/2
7 Iron38″38″
8 Iron37″- 1/237″- 1/2
9 Iron37″37″
PW Iron36″ 1/236″ 1/2

Degree Of Loft: Project X Vs. Project X LZ Iron Shafts

Both 2 iron lofts are comparable, but the Project X LZ’s 3-iron to 9-iron loft is significantly higher than the Project X shaft. The loft degrees for each iron are listed below and are simple to understand.

Type of ClubProject X Steel IronsProject X Lz Steel Irons
2 Iron16-19°16-19°
3 Iron20°21°
4 Iron23°24°
5 Iron26°27°
6 Iron29°30°
7 Iron33°34°
8 Iron37°38°
9 Iron41°42°
PW Iron45°46°

“Forgiveness” What Is In Golf?

A “forgiving” club provides reasonable distance and accuracy on poorly struck shots. They’re designed for average and beginning players, with perimeter weighting and large striking surfaces. The ball will travel the greatest distance when struck with the sweet spot of any club.

Many of these characteristics combine to produce a golf club with a high level of forgiveness. Whether a beginner or a seasoned golfer, the best irons, “Project X or Project LZ Iron Shafts,” can elevate your game. It will undoubtedly improve your enjoyment of the game.

Price Range

In general, when we want to buy something, we take the price range into account. High-rated items are not always the best. Both have a medium to high price range, so you must choose the most advantageous and cost-effective option.

Project X Shaft is only available on Amazon for $39 to $199. A Project X Shaft LZ’s minimum and maximum price range is $50 to $274.

Some Product Suggestions

We investigated and discovered a few shaft products that may be of assistance to you. You can choose your preferred one based on its usability and dependability. You can also look into other options if you prefer.

  • Project X iron shafts: Project X Rifle 6.5 3-PW Steel Iron Shafts or Project X New HZRDUS Black Iron Shafts
  • Iron shafts from Project X LZ include the Project X LZ Regular Flex Driver Shaft and the Project X LZ Steel – Golf Shafts.

Project X Or Project X LZ – Which One Is Best For You?

By comparing the data, it is clear that Project X LZ is slightly stiffer than Project X of comparable rank. The Project X LZ should suffice for those who prefer lighter but stiffer.

If you prefer the stability of Project X iron shafts but haven’t found what you’re looking for in any of the PX offerings, Project X LZ is likely the best fit for you.

Many experts say Project X LZ is as close to a “one-size-fits-all” solution as possible.

Ensure you test and fit the LZ shaft properly before bagging it to ensure it is the correct setup for your swing.


Which is better, Project X or Project X LZ iron shafts? There is no doubt that Project X shafts are well-known throughout the world and are used by all professional tours.

The Project X LZ technology made the shaft more accessible to a wider range of golfers. Both use steel shafts with graphite tips in general.

We strongly advise you to conduct the necessary testing to ensure the shaft is suitable for your swing.