Club Car Golf Cart Battery Light Stays On | What To Do?

Club car problems can ruin your golfing mood on a beautiful sunny day. We understand the frustration of Club Car Golf Cart Battery Light Stays On. The anxiety knows no bounds when the battery light won’t stop blinking.

So, why does the club car golf cart battery remain on? Only battery-powered Club Car golf carts have a battery indicator that flashes when the cart’s battery is nearing the end of its life. When you see this warning light illuminate, you must immediately charge the cart.

The following article has covered various topics concerning club car golf cart battery issues. Let’s get into it and learn more about these without further ado.

Club Car Golf Cart Battery Light Stays On

Why Does Club Car Golf Cart Battery Light Stay On?

It’s natural to be concerned when your golf cart battery light is constantly illuminated. But you don’t have to freak out about it. It is extremely simple to understand. There are two reasons why your battery light remains illuminated. Let’s go over the reasons in more detail below.

Indicator Light Codes

In addition to the standard warning lights, most golf carts use indicator lights to alert you when your cart’s battery is low.

  • Indicator lights are more detailed than warning lights and allow you to pinpoint the source of a problem with your battery or power supply lines.
  • These lights change colour depending on whether the battery charges or discharges. Additionally, depending on the problem, they incorporate some designated symbols for easier understanding.
  • Most popular cart models use a similar symbol system, making troubleshooting easier.
  • We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of lights, colours, and symbols to help you troubleshoot your golf cart battery.

Battery Symbol (?)

When this strange warning sign appears on your dashboard, it can be quite perplexing.

This indicates a problem with the LIN bus between the motor controller and the visage.

What exactly do these mysterious terms mean?

A visage is a communication tool that informs the motor controller about the battery charge.

When the connection between the motor controller and the visage is broken, the cart will display this sign to indicate that the battery is low.

Fortunately, modern carts have an intelligent computer system that detects this as an error.

They can distinguish between a drained battery, a broken motor controller, and a visage connection.

Call a qualified golf cart mechanic to diagnose this complex electrical power issue immediately.

club car battery light flashing

Low Charge State

Your golf cart battery light may indicate that less than 20% of the battery life in the dash remains. You may need to reset the charger if the batteries are in good condition.

To reset the charger, disconnect the AC cord from the power source and the DC cord from the car. Wait 30 seconds after the red light stops flashing before plugging in the AC power again.

After the blue light on the AC power begins to glow, you can reconnect the DC cord. This should be effective. If the problem persists, turn the main battery pack’s switch to “Tow” and unplug the negative cable for 30 minutes.

White Lightning Symbol

There’s no need to be concerned when you see this one.

When your battery operates smoothly and easily, the white lightning symbol inside a green battery appears. The motor controller in your golf cart has scanned the battery and all power connections. The charger is correctly connected to the receptacle, and the battery is charging.

Smile because your battery is fully charged and ready to take you for a short ride. Make a habit of checking the battery indicator symbol while driving. The logos and colours are dynamic and change based on how far you go.

Black Lightning Symbol

When you see this symbol, it means your battery pack is malfunctioning.

The power connection is fine because the motor controller confirmed that the charging cable is properly connected to the cart receptacle.

The golf cart battery is properly installed, the terminals are properly connected, and electricity should flow, but it isn’t.

This causes your cart’s computer to believe the battery pack is not fully charged or completely dead.

How do you solve this issue?

To alleviate the situation, increase the number of times you charge the battery pack. However, this is only a short-term solution that will not help you in the long run.

Get a qualified golf cart mechanic to investigate the issue because the battery pack could have died completely, necessitating an immediate replacement.

If you ignore this issue, your fully electric golf cart may not run, while gasoline golf carts may need help to start.

Full Green Battery

Another symbol that should make you happy or, at the very least, relieved. The full green battery indicates that your charge is high, well above 25%.

However, your battery has been significantly depleted since you saw the green storm with a white lightning symbol. As a result, while driving, always pay attention to the light.

Your battery levels fluctuate as you drive, causing the indicators to flash. These changes should assist you in tracking your battery status as you move and taking the necessary precautions.

Percentage Symbol

Red is frequently used to indicate impending danger, and this is no exception.

The golf cart battery is on the verge of failing at any moment. The fully red battery will have some figures inside that approximate how much power you have left, which is usually less than 10% at this point.

Unlike the green battery, you don’t have time to get home or to a charging station. If you are driving and see this red light, pull over immediately to seek assistance.

Defective Battery

If your golf cart’s battery pack voltage is too low, the OBC cannot start the charger.

You can use a digital voltmeter to check the battery pack voltage to see if it is between 36 and 38 volts. If not, find the faulty battery by checking the voltage of each battery separately.

You may need to replace the battery if you have used it for over four years. However, you should be concerned if your golf cart battery light remains illuminated even when the engine is turned off.

Before you rush to the mechanic with this issue, let us reassure you that it is not a problem. It is perfectly fine if the battery warning light is illuminated while your engine is turned off. This is normal because the battery light indicates the system voltage has dropped below a certain level.

Low Voltage In The Battery Pack

A belt connects your engine to the alternator, and the alternator charges the battery with a slightly higher voltage (usually 14V-14.5V).

In this case, the obvious cause is that the engine is not running, which prevents the alternator from spinning and reduces system voltage.

If this light illuminates while the engine is running, you have a problem. There could be a wiring issue, the serpentine or alternator belt could be damaged, or the alternator itself could have failed.

A faulty battery could be to blame. It’s critical to keep your cool and avoid shutting down the engine if this happens while you’re driving.

Serpentine Belt

Since you might need more energy to turn it back on, you should check to ensure the serpentine belt is not damaged.

Due to its connection to the steering fluid pump, the serpentine belt frequently requires heavy steering when it malfunctions.

Because a broken serpentine belt prevents the water/coolant pump from powering the engine, your car’s engine won’t be adequately cooled and could overheat.

Driving to a nearby repair shop can still fix the serpentine belt. But you can still do it if it hasn’t sustained any damage.

Some older cars that don’t use electronics for the fuel pumps and injection can still be driven. If the serpentine belt is broken, it is best to stop and have the car towed because it may soon overheat.

Numerical Value Inside An Orange Bar

For some golf cart models, the orange bar with a numerical value serves the same purpose as the previously mentioned red and yellow lights.

Depending on the voltage level in the batteries, the percentages inside may prompt you to charge or continue using the cart.

It should be noted that this is not exclusive, and some models combine the two battery indicator light systems depending on the situation.

Some cart models, for example, may use the yellow and red systems when parked, whereas others may use the orange bar method.

Remember to check the battery lights frequently when the cart is not in use. When your golf cart batteries are not used for an extended period, they may lose charge.

Troubleshooting Flashing Battery Lights

We have already discussed the various meanings of indicator light systems and the steps you should take to alleviate or correct the problems.

Flashing lights indicate a different type of problem not covered above, which can sometimes be quite perplexing.

Frequently, flashing lights will appear alongside warning lights to indicate the type of problem.

The section below will help you interpret them and understand how they may affect your situation.

Improper Charging

The charger is the most likely cause of a flashing golf cart battery light.

  • Your charger could have a problem, causing it to deliver less voltage than required.
  • This is especially true if the flashing happens while the golf cart is connected to the charging cable.
  • Depending on the model, golf cart chargers deliver varying voltages. However, when the flashing begins, the battery charge drops below 90%, even though the charger is being plugged in.
  • The second issue is with the onboard computers. The computer that controls the golf cart functions is most likely malfunctioning and needs to be rebooted.

The onboard computers can be rebooted without the assistance of a mechanic.

  • Begin by disconnecting the black cable from the battery terminals with a minus sign known as the negative cable. Now, flip the FNR switch to drain the computer’s power supply.
  • Reconnect the negative cable and the terminal when the computer’s power is completely depleted. Allow the batteries to charge for one full cycle.
  • Allow the golf cart to charge for several hours before disconnecting the charging cable. Plug in the charger right away.

So, how does this cycle of disconnecting and reconnecting help?

It generates an equalization charge, causing the battery light to stop flashing. When the charging is finished, turn on the computer, which should run smoothly and properly.

Improper Connection On The Positive Side

The battery cables must always be properly connected to the battery packs. If not, the batteries may charge inefficiently or not at all.

The golf cart battery lights will flash, indicating a charging problem and prompting you to take corrective action.

Positive terminals and cables can become disconnected for a variety of reasons.

  • The first reason is that the cables were damaged during maintenance or repairs.
  • The second issue is that the connection between the positive cables and the battery pack was broken during a rough ride. Some people use golf carts on terrain other than the golf course.
  • Open up the golf cart to access the cables and battery packs. Locate a red wire with a plus sign engraved on it.
  • If the red wires are loose or disconnected from the battery pack, particularly on the positive side, reconnect them and tighten the open areas.

To avoid sparking and fire risk, each wire should be tightly wound. Always turn off the cart when troubleshooting the power lines and battery packs to avoid battery discharge or an electrical shock.

Improper Battery Installation

If you recently removed or replaced your battery pack, several errors could have occurred during installation, resulting in flashing battery lights.

Connecting Wrong Cables

For example, it is simple to switch the terminals quickly, connecting the negative cables to the positive terminals and vice versa.

In this case, the flashing may be accompanied by sparks, which could cause problems. A fire may immediately erupt, or the battery packs may be damaged, resulting in poor operation.

Stop the installation process right away and ask yourself a question. Only after you’ve gotten this right can you proceed with the installation. The black and red colours are more than just decorations; they have significant meaning. This should serve as a guide during the repair and installation procedures.

Now carefully connect the cables and terminals, taking care not to make any more mistakes. It is also critical to disconnect all wires before reconnecting them.

Underperforming Battery

Every component of a golf cart depreciates with age, including the battery pack, resulting in poor performance.

If you see the flashing lights and you’ve had your golf cart for a while, consider the following:

If you’ve had the golf cart for five to ten years, there’s a good chance the battery pack is in poor condition. The flashing lights are simply a warning that you must take action.

You should not be concerned because this is normal. As batteries age, they lose their ability to hold a charge.

Here’s how to tell if a faulty battery causes the flashing lights.

  • Step 1: Examine the battery’s side. The manufacturer specifies the maximum and minimum voltages that the battery should be able to withstand.
  • Step 2: Insert the charger into the socket and charge the golf cart until it is completely charged.
  • Step 3: Attach the battery pack to a voltmeter and take measurements.
  • Step 4 is to compare the two readings. You must purchase a new replacement pack if the readings differ significantly from the minimum voltage.

How Do You Reset A Golf Cart Battery Meter?

The issue with the light or meter can occasionally be resolved by resetting the golf cart battery meter. But taking your cart to the mechanic every time something small goes wrong is a hassle.

Learn how to reset your golf cart meter to quickly determine whether there is a problem from wherever you are.

So, there’s no need to worry if you don’t know how to reset your battery meter. We cover you! Let’s see how you can accomplish it independently.

Let’s now examine how a golf cart battery meter is reset.

  • It would be best first to unplug the meter from your golf cart.
  • You must now ensure your golf cart’s batteries are fully charged.
  • You can reattach the meter to your golf cart to finish the reset.

How Do I Know If My Club Car Is Charging?

At first, it may be difficult to read your golf cart’s battery indicators or charger. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize it’s quite simple.

We decided to demonstrate how to charge your club car golf cart and ensure it is charging. To find out, continue reading.

  • First, park your golf cart near your charger in your garage.
  • Then, insert the charging cable into the cart’s charging port. The port is located beneath your seat. Insert your charger with the ridge facing up.
  • Examine your charging meter after you’ve plugged in the charger. The stick will tick back and forth between 10 and 0.
  • You may have to wait a few moments to see the ticking. While charging, you will also hear a buzzing sound.
  • If you don’t see any of these, double-check that the cable is properly plugged in and look at the charger again.

What Does The Yellow Light Mean On A Golf Cart?

The yellow indicator on your golf cart charger will flash when the batteries need charging. If your golf cart hasn’t been used in a while and the battery charge level falls below the threshold, the yellow LED indicator will begin to blink.

After the charging process has begun, the yellow light will stop flashing. You may have noticed that if the switch is left in the Run position, the yellow light can blink while it does not explode in the Tow position.

This is different from how things should be. If you reset the onboard computer (OBC), charging will occur regardless of whether the switch is in the Run or Tow position.

Some chargers’ flashing yellow lights may indicate the device is in “abort” mode.

Remove the charger, wait a few minutes, and then plug it back in to see if the yellow light stops flashing and charging begins.

A yellow battery symbol indicates that your battery has been depleted but remains above 10%. Fortunately, the percentage sign always includes a numerical figure showing your remaining power.

If you are planning a long ride, you must devise a quick return plan because it will not happen. Return or continue on your way to the nearest charging station.

A significant delay at this point may result in additional problems for you. Your golf cart battery may drain in minutes, leaving you stranded.

Battery Light Flashes When The Cart Isn’t Running?

The golf cart battery lights will typically illuminate when the cart is operational. However, some issues can cause the lights to flash even when the golf cart is unused.

You may occasionally overload the cart, causing the battery to discharge. When the battery is depleted, the lights will continue to blink until you charge it again.

This is especially common with larger batteries that outnumber the cart’s requirements. Many cart owners believe that charging them to capacity is unnecessary.

  • Plug in the golf cart to charge it. The lights will stop flashing when fully charged.
  • Replace the battery if it is too weak and drains too quickly.
  • Overcharging the battery and frying the cells can sometimes cause the problem.

These issues exist in older models, but newer chargers are more efficient and are less likely to overcharge the golf cart batteries.

If you left the cart charging for an extended period,

  • Disconnect the charger as soon as you notice the flashing battery lights.
  • Allow the batteries to cool before starting your golf cart.

How do you know if your club car battery is bad?

  • Batteries are taking longer to charge than usual.
  • The golf cart quickly loses power.
  • The acceleration of golf carts has decreased.
  • Batteries are leaking acid, rusting, or bulging.


What is the yellow battery light on a Club Car Precedent?

If the batteries are not at least 90% charged, the yellow light will flash to alert you that you are starting with less than a full charge. It could be for a variety of reasons. The pack will have 50.9 volts after a full charge.

How long does it take to charge Club Car batteries?

Following the manufacturer’s recommendations for charging Club Car batteries is essential. Overcharging or not fully charging the batteries can lead to reduced performance and a shorter overall battery life. Always remember to practice good battery maintenance, which includes regular watering (for lead-acid batteries), cleaning, and ensuring proper ventilation in the charging area. This will help prolong the life of your Club Car batteries and ensure you get the most out of them.

How do I know if my club battery charger is working?

When you plug in your charger, the relay should make a “click” sound if the Club Car computer is functioning properly. If it does not, it is possible that a fuse has blown.

How Do You Reset The Battery Light On A Golf Cart?

Turn off the golf cart and remove the key and battery compartment cover to reset the battery light. Disconnect the battery cables, wait 30 seconds, reconnect them, replace the compartment cover, and start the cart. Check to see if the light has been reset. If the problem persists, the battery or charger may have a problem that requires further investigation.

Why Is My Golf Cart’s Battery Light On?

Low battery voltage, loose connections, a defective charger, worn-out batteries, or electrical problems can all cause the battery light on a golf cart to turn on. To pinpoint the precise cause, it is best to have a professional examine the golf cart’s electrical system.


Over the years, you may face many electrical issues with your club car golf cart. But worrying about everything is pointless. Our article has discussed many aspects of battery problems, including the club car golf cart battery, which remains an issue.

We hope you found the solution to your problem in our article. And now you can easily solve your battery problems and stop worrying about minor details.

Ensure that your golf cart is properly maintained each year. You will have fewer issues than ever before. Also, for smoother service, replace your battery every four years.