Titleist Tour Soft vs. Trufeel Golf Ball | Decide Thoughtfully

Both casual and professional golfers understand a golf ball’s critical role in shaping their game. Among the many options available, two prominent contenders are the Titleist Tour Soft and Trufeel golf balls. In this comprehensive guide, we will dissect the features, technologies, and performance of each, helping you make an informed decision about which ball best suits your playing style.

The golf ball is the second most crucial component of golf after the golf club. A golfer must know a golf ball’s field performance for the best performance possible. Performance is the main distinction between Titleist TruFeel and Tour Soft. The key differentiator is performance, and Tour Soft is the better choice.

They don’t differ much from one another aside from that. The same business is producing them for use in the field. In the following section, let’s examine the best performer for you.

Titleist Trufeel Vs. Tour Soft Golf Ball

Titleist Trufeel: Elevating Feel and Control to New Heights

The Titleist Trufeel golf ball gives golfers an extraordinary feel and superior control. Through meticulous design and material selection, the Trufeel is engineered to optimize compression and enhance overall performance.

One of the softer golf balls to use is the Titleist TruFeel. In the field, softness is crucial, and the technology used in this product enhances it.

The core and cover design make it significantly softer than any other golf ball in this series. TrueFeel’s name serves as a self-description. This ball’s design guarantees the player’s feelings. It must be convenient for the player to use. It can also give you astonishing speed.

On the other hand, you can get better performance with the tetrahedral dimple design. This dimple design greatly aids in making shots much more effective. Overall, considering its performance, it is a fantastic soft golf ball.


  • Unique Core Construction: The Trufeel’s core is strategically designed to deliver the softest feel possible while maintaining responsiveness for greenside control.
  • Durable Cover: The cover material is formulated to withstand the rigours of play while retaining its softness, ensuring golfers have the confidence to take on any shot.
  • Consistent Flight Trajectory: The Trufeel’s aerodynamic properties are fine-tuned for a dependable and predictable ball flight.

Titleist Tour Soft: The Pinnacle of Soft Feel and Distance

The Titleist Tour Soft golf ball is engineered to give golfers a balance of soft feel and impressive distance. Incorporating cutting-edge technologies, the Tour Soft leverages advanced materials to achieve an optimal blend of compression and responsiveness.

Tour Soft strives for designs that are soft and have notable performance. It differs from the previous version in that it performs technologically and constructively significantly better. Tour Soft uses technology to produce faster speeds and better distance reactions.

The ball spins more vigorously thanks to the thinner grafted cover. But it also functions well in greenside control. The new, larger, faster core greatly benefits the player’s softball experience. You can get a consistent ball flight from it, along with improved aerodynamics and hit response.


  • Innovative Core Composition: The Tour Soft boasts a carefully crafted core for maximum energy transfer, resulting in exceptional distance off the tee.
  • Responsive Cover: The cover material enhances the feel without compromising durability. This means golfers can expect consistent performance over the course of several rounds.
  • Aerodynamic Dimple Design: The Tour Soft’s dimple pattern is optimized for reduced drag and enhanced lift, ensuring a stable and penetrating flight.

Titleist Tour Soft vs Trufeel Golf Ball: Quick Comparison

Golf balls are constantly competitive in some way. Here is a quick comparison table that will help you quickly learn about Titleist TruFeel and Tour Soft’s features to ensure clarity.

Criteria Titleist TruFeel Golf BallTitleist Tour Soft Golf Ball
Cover2.0 TruFlex CoverThin 4CE Grafted Cover
Color White, Yellow, Matte RedWhite, Yellow
Dimple 376 Tetrahedral Dimple Design346 Quadrilateral Dipyramid Dimple Design
Feel Very Soft Very Soft
Long Game SpinLow Low 
Short Game SpinLow Mid
Flight LowMid
Core TruTouch CoreLarge Fast Core
Dimensions 4.3 cm4.3 cm

Titleist Tour Soft Vs. Trufeel Golf Ball

A golf ball must have a few characteristics that set it apart in field performance. Construction quality, design, technology, performance, and many other elements. Compare the two to identify their differences.


The Titleist TruFeel golf ball has a pleasant feel. Thanks to the soft core and cover design, the player gets a nice, good feel and a greenside control. The Tour Soft design also takes action into account.

The thin, grafted cover design ensures a smooth, pleasant feel, making it ideal for a player seeking distance. Conversely, the blank lets players focus on their game without interruption.

With the aid of the tetrahedral dimple design on Titleist TruFeel and the quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design frame on Tour Soft, both can maintain short game control. Additionally, this design increases both of their speeds.


The new, larger, and faster core technology in Tour Soft improves longer range and a responsive soft feel.

More spin than ever is produced by the thin 4CE grafted cover. Technology-wise, the TrueFeel 2.0 TruFlex cover and TruTouch core make it unique.

The TruTouch core gives the ball a soft feel on all shots, enabling the ball to travel farther. It is very quiet, thanks to the 2.0 TruFlex cover. This allows it to conceal a superb greenside control similar to the TruFeel.

The 376 tetrahedral Dimple design in TruFeel ensures short-game spin and offers maximum distance.

The TruFit aerodynamic dimple pattern is what it is called. This pattern also enables the ball to fly consistently low and piercingly.

Tour Soft uses a 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design that maximizes penetrating ball flight and accelerates speed compared to the previous one.


Compared to TruFeel, Titleist Tour Soft usually rolls out more. TruFeel’s stopping ability on the greenside is inferior to that of the premium versions. It performs well, though, when it comes to gentle swings.

Providing a respectable increase in short-game control can lead to a satisfying increase in greenside power. Overall, no player is dissatisfied with the Titleist-trusted quality golf ball.

In terms of performance, they are both outstanding. Thanks to their modern design and cutting-edge technology, you can perform better than the earlier models.

Build Quality

They both offer a lot in terms of quality. With their new technology, they are well-structured, and their core and cover give them strength and stability throughout the play.

Even though they both have a soft feel, you can still feel comfortable by not swinging the ball too hard. However, if you swing your arm quickly, these balls are not for you.

Game Spin

TruFeel consistently performs poorly in both long-game spin and short-game spin scenarios. The soft-feel structure of the ball has an impact on the low-game spin.

Tour Soft, on the other hand, spins low in the long game and mid in the short game. It is regarded as one of the best short-game controls because of this. Additionally, it stands out more thanks to the consistency and the dimples.

Which Golf Ball To Choose, Titleist Tour Soft Vs Trufeel?

You might be unsure which golf balls to choose despite their similarities. Don’t worry; there isn’t much of a difference between these two balls. Despite this, they are comparable.

TruFeel is the one for you if you enjoy playing golf lightly, but Tour Soft gives you a soft feel with improved player playability.

These two golf balls are intended to appear weak, but neither one performs tactically in flight. As a result, you must think carefully about the type of play you choose.

Choosing Your Perfect Ball

Selecting between the Titleist Tour Soft and Trufeel golf balls ultimately depends on your preferences and playing style. If you prioritize a soft feel with impressive distance, the Tour Soft is likely your best bet.

On the other hand, if control and a remarkable feel are what you seek, the Trufeel is tailored to meet those needs. Remember, the perfect ball is the one that complements your game and enhances your experience on the course. Take the time to evaluate your priorities and make your decision accordingly.


A golf ball occasionally exhibits hesitancy when making a decision. You should be able to choose your suitable one with the aid of all relevant information and the data that was just provided. Let’s move on to frequently asked questions to help shed some light on this subject.

Did Titleist TruFeel Replace Tour Soft?

Regarding player comfort, TruFeel takes the place of Tour Soft. Tour Soft can easily take the place of the soft golf ball TruFeel. However, Tour Soft can offer a comfortable, easy-going playing experience and good field performance. TruFeel does not, however, completely replace TourSoft in terms of performance.

Is Titleist TruFeel Faster Than Tour Soft?

Depending on how you handle the ball. It made TruFeel feel incredibly soft, as we already know, and Tour Soft is a smooth golf ball that performs well. Thus, it could be said that Tour Soft is quicker than TruFeel. Remember that these balls cannot be forced to swing; they are not designed to do so.

Which One Allows You To Cover More Distance?

A great golf ball for short-game control is Titleist Tour Soft. Between Titleist Tour Soft and TruFeel, Tour Soft can provide you with more length coverage due to its mid-flight.
Compared to TruFeel, this mid-flight aids in a slight increase in speed. Tour Soft is the ball for more distance but less, as a result.

Are TruFeel And Tour Soft Good Performers In The Field?

In addition to being made as soft golf balls, they excel in the field. They can travel the furthest with consistent ball flight and an increase in short-game spin. They’re not competitive just because they’re full of that.

Are Titleist Trufeel And Tour Soft Considered To Be Beginner Golf Balls?

Yes, Titleist TruFeel and Tour Soft can be categorized as beginner golf balls; you should be more at ease as a beginner. These balls are ideal for beginners because of their design.


The Titleist Tour Soft and Trufeel golf balls offer exceptional performance with distinct characteristics. By understanding what each ball brings, you can confidently step onto the course with the ball that aligns perfectly with your playing style.