Titleist T200 vs. Taylormade P790 irons 2023: Which Iron Is The Game Changer?

Taylormade and Titleist are leading brands that have long produced modern golf irons. The Titleist t200 and Taylormade p790 are two of these companies’ most popular iron models. To answer the question Titleist t200 vs. TaylorMade p790, you must first understand their differences.

The main distinction between these two is that the t200 is a game improvement iron and is less expensive than the p790, whereas the p790 is a forged iron. Despite a few differences, they perform nearly identically on the golf course.

Compared to most beginner irons, the Titleist T200 and Taylormade P790 are compact player irons with incredible workability, durability, and higher spin rates.

  • They are ideal for players who want to improve their skills.
  • This iron set is ideal for low and mid-handicappers.
  • Because of their many similarities, deciding which one to use is frequently difficult.
  • If you’re in the same boat, this article is for you. To determine the best, we’ll compare and contrast these irons.

This article will examine the most important aspects of these two most popular golf clubs. We’ll also look at how they differ from one another. So, let’s get started.

Titleist T200 vs. Taylormade P790 irons

Overview Of Titleist T200 Golf Iron

A Titleist t200 iron is a player’s iron with a traditional appearance. It also included advanced technologies like Max Impact and forged face technology.

The Max Impact technology boosts the ball’s speed and range. This iron also features an L-shaped forged face with an average of 90g of tungsten in the heel and toe.

It enables the iron to provide a softer feel and greater forgiveness. Best of all, the t200 golf club is a multi-material iron, which increases its durability and tour quality.

Overview Of Taylormade P790 Golf Iron

TaylorMade’s p790 model irons were released in 2017 and are still among the most popular irons in the golf world. A p790 iron is a forged iron ideal for mid to low-handicap golfers.

This iron has Thru Slot speed pocket technology, which provides additional flex and forgiveness at impact.

Furthermore, the tungsten weighting technology used in this iron produces a low Center of Gravity, allowing for easy field launch.

A urethane foam is also included inside the club head of a p790 iron’s forged face. It enables the iron to produce more distance while also being more forgiving. It also makes it consistent and gives it an incredible feel and sound.

Titleist T200 vs. Taylormade P790 Golf Irons: Quick Comparison Chart

Criteria Taylormade p790Titleist t200
Spin rate 6428 rpm 5210 rpm
Swing weight D2 and D0 D1 
Forgiveness More forgiving Less forgiving 
Urethane foam Yes No 
Offset More Less 
Average Distance 165.6 yards 155 yards 
Materials Soft carbon steel Multi-material 
Flex option 32
Misses Less More 
Price More costly Less costly 

The TaylorMade P790 has been on the market for quite some time. And TaylorMade has kept innovating with the iron, releasing new models yearly.

A new series is released every year so you can get all of the different versions from 2019 to 2023 (released earlier this year). As you are probably aware, most reviews on the P790 will be on the 2021 or older model because the new ones were just released.

TaylorMade designed the irons with low to mid-handicappers in mind when they were released in 2017. Fortunately, it was adopted by golfers of all skill levels, demonstrating its perceived value among players.

The irons have compact heads with a thin top line, allowing users to stop, fade, or draw the ball easily. The hollow forged head is outfitted with Speed Foam to dampen unwanted vibrations or shocks and improve a soft feel.

Tungsten weighting increases MOI while broadening the sweet spot, and the fast face adds distance. These irons are forgiving and ideal for players with a mid-low handicap. The previous iterations’ SpeedFoam technology (located in the head) was improved in the 2021 version.

To improve forgiveness, TaylorMade made it lighter and redistributed the weight. It’s also quieter due to the lighter weight in the head.

The brushed steel finish gives it a more modern appearance and improves aesthetics. It is also not limited to a specific group of golfers. You can play the P790 whether you’re a pro or an amateur. However, if you have a very fast swing speed or require a lot of forgiveness, this may not be the club for you.

It’s a good iron for those who are new to the brand. However, if you already own the previous model, you might not need to upgrade because they are similar.

What Are The Differences Between Titleist T200 And A Taylormade P790 Golf Irons?

A few key distinctions exist between a Titleist t200 and a Taylormade p970. However, they are not as deep. The following are the primary differences between these two leading golf irons:

  • Technology
  • Clubface Design
  • Feel And Sound
  • Price
  • Loft
  • Spin and Launch
  • Flex
  • Mishits
  • Profile
  • Carry Distance
  • Offset
  • Forgiveness
  • Swing Weight


Both the Titleist t200 and the TaylorMade p790 have cutting-edge technology. Both have tungsten weighting as well as forged technology.

However, there is a significant difference between the Titleist t200 and the TaylorMade p790. Furthermore, the p790 is equipped with speed foam technology, whereas the t200 does not.

Clubface Design

The TaylorMade p790 irons are hollow-built. This feature increases carry distance while decreasing mishits. The Titleist t200 irons, on the other hand, have a shallower clubface that allows golfers to play shots off the center. It is also more forgiving when compared to other T-series irons.

Feel And Sound

The TaylorMade p790 golf irons will outperform the Titleist t200 irons regarding feel and sound. The p790 irons inject speed foam inside the toe and heel to increase ball speed and carry distance. It is also lighter than the T200 irons and has a softer feel and sound. As a result, because the t200 irons do not use this technology, their feel and sound are not as soft as those of the p790 irons.


There is a clear distinction between the two. The TaylorMade p790 irons are slightly more expensive than the Titleist t200 clubs from the start.


There is a significant difference in loft options between a Taylormade p790 iron and a Titleist t200 iron. The following will emphasize it further:

Irons Taylormade p790 loft (in degrees) Titleist t200 loft (in degrees)
GW 50.048

Spin and Launch

The Taylormade P790 has more spin and a lower launch than the Titleist T200. The P790 has more spin and launch, especially in the shorter irons.


Compared to the Taylormade P790, the Titleist T200 has fewer flex options. Flex and stiff flex variations are available for the T200 shaft. The P790, on the other hand, comes in stiff, extra-stiff, and regular flex options.


In comparison, the Titleist T200 has fewer mishits than the Taylormade P790, which has more.


In terms of profile, the Titleist has the upper hand. This club iron has a sleek profile and a thin topline, which enhances its appearance and makes it more appealing. The Taylormade P790 also has an excellent appearance, but it appears a little chunkier than the T200, which has a very thin topline.

Carry Distance

The Titleist T200 has less carry distance than the Taylormade P790. It provided an additional ten yards of carry distance.


In terms of offset, the Taylormade P790 iron has less offset than the Titleist T200 iron.


Because the Taylormade P790 is more forgiving than the Titleist T200, it is more widely used.

Swing Weight

The graphite shaft of the Taylormade P790 has a D0 swing weight, while the steel shaft has a D2 swing weight. The T200 shaft, on the other hand, has the D1 swing weight.

What to Consider When Deciding?

When choosing between two opposing irons, there are numerous factors to consider. While some reasons may be obvious, others may not be. To assist in making an informed decision, the following features distinguish each club:

Titleist T200 Irons

  • Tour-quality irons
  • Various premium shaft options
  • They provide high-arcing shots.
  • Excellent for those with a low handicap.
  • Right-shot dispersion is exceptional.

Taylormade P790 Irons

  • Two tungsten weights to reduce COG
  • There are numerous lofts in the clubs.
  • Consistency and forbearance
  • Face thickness varies
  • Adaptable hinge

Titleist T200 Or TaylorMade P790: Which Golf Iron To Choose?

These irons are excellent for players who prefer to stick with well-known brands. Furthermore, they compete in terms of distance and good looks. But, more specifically, if you’re a low to mid-handicapper looking for a game-improvement iron, you must choose the Titleist t200 iron.

Conversely, TaylorMade is the best option if your priority is a higher trajectory and maximum ball speed and you don’t care about money.

Frequently Asked Questions

There isn’t much else to say about Titleist t200 vs. Taylormade p790, but you may have some questions. So, for your convenience, here is some additional information:

Who is the Titleist T200 aimed at?

However, they were not intended for people with low handicaps. They were more geared toward better mid-handicaps. Any single-digit handicapper looking for a little more forgiveness than pure player irons can should consider the 2024 version of Titleist T200 irons. The heads are compact, and the topline and sole are thicker but not excessively.

Can high handicappers use T200?

Handicappers with a high handicap: No. These are not impossible to play, but there are better options.

What does the Titleist T200 replace?

Regarding placement in the Titleist lineup, the T200 replaces the AP3. That means it’s classified as a player’s distance iron, even though its shaping resembles an AP2 710 or 712.

Can high handicappers use P790?

Low handicap: (Yes, you can play them and do well), but some low handicap eyes prefer more compact clubheads with thinner toplines and soles and less offset. Mid-handicap: I’d say a 12-handicap or lower could play them. High handicap: (No) You should use the Stealth irons.

Titleist T200 Vs. TaylorMade P790: Which Is More Forgiving?

When compared to the Titleist t200, the TaylorMade p790 is more forgiving. In contrast to the t200 irons, the p790 irons have speed foam technology for added forgiveness.

Do Any Pros Use The TaylorMade P790?

Players such as Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, Chez Reavie, Adam Long, and others have used the TaylorMade p790 irons. This is currently the most popular model of golf iron among tour pros.

Are TaylorMade’s P790 Good For High Handicappers?

Some recent Taylormade p790 models have proven suitable for high handicapped players. They can’t, however, be the best. The truth is that p790 irons are ideal for low to mid-handicappers.

What’s Better: Titleist T200 Or TaylorMade P790?

TaylorMade p790 is superior to Titleist t200 in my opinion. TaylorMade is known for using premium components and technologies for player development.