Srixon Q-Star Vs. Q-Star Tour Golf Ball | Top Coach’s Tips

As the head of testing at Golfing Wire, I am excited to share an in-depth analysis of the Srixon Q Star and Srixon Q Star Tour golf balls. These are my personal favourites when it comes to hitting the links.

The brand name Srixon has become synonymous with excellence in golf, and it’s easy to see why. Their revolutionary Spin Skin technology enables golfers of all levels to effortlessly manoeuvre around the putting green while achieving greater distances due to their cutting-edge core design.

Golf balls are just as important as golf drivers. When it comes to golf balls, there are numerous options; Srixon is a well-known brand. Q Star and Q Start Tour are their two most popular balls. So, what is the difference between Srixon Q-star and Q Star Tour?

Despite their many differences, the main difference between these two balls is their design. The Srixon Q star is made up of two layers, whereas the Q star tour is made up of three layers. Thus, if you are still deciding which ball to purchase, our guide is here to assist you. We’ll go over everything you need to know about these balls today.

Srixon Q-Star Vs. Q-Star Tour Golf Ball

Srixon Q-Star Vs. Q-Star Tour Golf Ball Compared

The Srixon Q-Star and Srixon Q-Star Tour golf balls may seem similar but have distinct differences. Both balls offer great distance and control, making them suitable for all players.

However, low-handicap players or those with faster swing speeds who want more control and the ability to shape their shots usually prefer the Srixon Q-Star Tour. It provides a higher level of spin around the greens and a more controlled trajectory.

The choice between the Srixon Q-Star and Q-Star Tour golf balls depends on personal preferences and skill levels. Golfers looking for a softer feel and better control in their short game might lean towards the Q-Star Tour, while those seeking enhanced control and more distance might opt for the Q-Star.

Srixon Q Star Golf Ball

The Q-Star is a mid-range golf ball designed for players with average handicaps. It combines some of the benefits of the Z-Star and the Soft Feel balls. Like all Srixon balls, it has a softer outer cover and a FastLayer Core for excellent feel and speed.


The Q-Star is renowned for its remarkable ability to cover great distances off the tee. Harnessing cutting-edge core technology optimizes ball speed while minimizing spin, leading to impressive drives that travel farther.


Despite its exceptional distance capabilities, the Q-Star doesn’t compromise on control when approaching shots and navigating around the greens. It balances distance and feel perfectly, empowering golfers to command their shots completely.

Value for money

The Q-Star offers outstanding performance and affordability. It delivers numerous features and advantages comparable to those provided by Callaway or Titleist Pro V1 golf balls but at a more accessible price point.


Although the Q-Star provides decent control, it might generate less spin than premium golf balls. Golfers who rely heavily on spin for precise shot-stopping power and greenside control may find the Q-Star’s spin performance needs to be improved. 


Unlike higher-end golf balls, the Q-Star is designed to be forgiving, which means it may offer a different level of shot-shaping capabilities. Golfers who enjoy shaping their shots may find the Q-Star’s workability somewhat restricted.


Compared to more durable options, some golfers have reported that the Q-Star’s cover can scuff and wear out relatively quickly. Frequent players who put significant mileage on their balls may need to replace them more frequently.

Srixon Q Star Tour Golf Ball

The Q Star Tour is probably one of Srixon’s best balls; it’s an upgrade from the regular Q Start model. It has many of the same features as Q Start but has a much faster swing speed for mid-handsappers. Because of its low compression that is precisely adjusted for moderate swing speeds, this golf ball gives you the distance and greenside spin you need to beat the competition.

Swing Speeds

The Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball is designed for golfers with high to moderate swing speeds. Generally, those with swing speeds exceeding 90 mph can fully utilize the ball’s capabilities. The core of the Srixon Q-Star Tour ensures efficient energy transfer, resulting in the desired combination of distance and control.


The Speed Dimple Pattern of the Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball enhances its distance capabilities. While prioritizing control and workability, it still maintains impressive distance. This golf ball is specifically tailored for golfers with moderate-to-high swing speeds.


The Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball is perfect for golfers with mid-to-low handicaps. With its outstanding control and ability to shape shots, it is the ideal option for those who value precision on the course. Moreover, the Q-Star Tour’s lower compression core and urethane cover are designed for golfers with faster swing speeds, enhancing their performance and attaining ultimate spin and control.

Outstanding Command

The Q-Star Tour grants golfers exceptional command, enabling them to shape their shots and achieve precise distances. Combining a urethane cover and a lower compression SErM core enhances spin control and ball flight.

Outstanding Performance around the Green

With its softer feel and increased spin, the Q-Star Tour surpasses expectations in performance around the green. Its Urethane cover provides the necessary stopping power for accurate approach shots and delicate shots near the green.


Despite its performance-driven design, the Q-Star Tour is renowned for its durability. Golfers can rely on this ball to endure multiple rounds without experiencing excessive wear and tear.


The Q-Star Tour delivers consistent performance throughout the round, ensuring predictable distances and trajectories. This reliability instils confidence in golfers, allowing them to make more precise shot selections.

Higher Price

The Q-Star Tour is priced higher than other golf balls in its category, which may not be ideal for budget-conscious golfers or those seeking more affordable options. 


Players with slower swing speeds may find the low compression core of the Q-Star Tour unsuitable as it can result in reduced distance and a lack of responsiveness off the clubface. 

Limited Distance

Although the Q-Star Tour offers excellent control, it may deliver a different distance potential than other golf balls. Golfers who prioritize maximum distance might consider alternative options. 

Reduced Feel for Some Players

While most players enjoy a soft feel with the Q-Star Tour, certain golfers might need to be more firm for their preference. Personal preferences vary; some players may prefer a softer or more responsive feel off the clubface.

Srixon Q Star Vs Q Star Tour: Comparison Table

In our comparison table below, we will compare and list all of the fundamental differences between Q star and Star tour ball. Please read carefully to understand all of the distinctions between them.

Cover MaterialUrethane
Cover Thickness0.5mm
Dimple Number338

What Are The Differences Between Srixon Q Star Vs. Q Star Tour?

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing a golf ball, and the differences listed below will assist you in making the best choice.

Construction Layer

The first distinction between these two balls is their construction design. Adding more layers to a ball can result in higher spin separation.

  • Compared to iron or wedge, this results in a more tailored performance from the driver.
  • The Srixon Q Star golf ball has a two-piece Spin Skin structure. It has an outer covering and an inner core.
  • The Q Star tour, on the other hand, has the advantage here due to its 3-piece urethane structure.

As a result, the Q Star Tour will provide you with more spin, and these high spin rates will provide you with excellent greenside control.


When we compare the feel of these balls, we notice that the Q Star has a soft feel, whereas the Q Star Tour has a softer feel.

Srixon designed the Q Star golf ball for golfers who require a great feel and a flexible reaction around the green.

On the other hand, the Q Star Tour has a softer feel that makes it ideal for putting and striking greens.

Soft golf balls generate more spin than hard ones, allowing good golfers to modify strokes easily.

As a result, the Q Star Tour will provide more spin, and if you have a slow swing speed, the launch will be slightly higher.


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a golf ball is its spin. There are different spin criteria; the Q Star tour has more wedge spin than the Q Star, which has less driver spin and more greenside spin.

However, the Q Star falls short in this category because it has a high wedge spin but is lower than the Q Star Tour. In addition, it has less greenside spin than Q Star Tour.

The driver spin characteristics of both balls are identical. Both cause minimal driver spin, but variations are closer to the green. The standard Q-Star spins less off the wedge.

As a result, the overall spin rate for the Q Star Tour is slightly higher. The three-layer construction of this ball is primarily responsible for the high spin rate.

Swing Speed

Balls have a significant impact on swing speed. The Q Star Tour has a higher swing speed of 90-105 mph than the Q Star ball’s 75+ mph swing speed.

As a result of its low compression that is precisely optimized for moderate swing speeds, Q Star Tour provides you with the range and greenside spin you need to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

The Q Star, on the other hand, offers golfers a swing speed of about 75 mph with significant distance and trajectory accuracy for complete shot control.

However, due to its length, which provides more distance than the Q-Star, the Q-Star Tour would perform best at faster swing rates.


The final distinction will be the flight of these golf balls. Both the Q Star and the Q Star Tour have low-cost flights.

However, due to the Q Star Tour’s low spin, the flight will be higher than the Q Star Tour and will be in the mid-high range.

Despite being lower than the Q Star, the Q Star Tour’s flight is in the middle of the range.

This ball will have a slightly lower flight, but you won’t notice it because the difference will be minor.

Srixon Q Star Vs. Q Star Tour: Which Golf Ball To Choose?

Srixon Q Star and Srixon Q Star Tour perform similarly in many criteria. Finding a clear winner can thus be difficult, largely depending on your playing style.

The Srixon Q Star Tour golf ball is intended for advanced mid-handicapped players with a faster swing speed who don’t mind spending a few extra dollars.

This increases the ball’s ability to hold the greens and gives you better stroke control.

The Srixon Q Star, on the other hand, is designed for beginner to mid-level or handicapped players with a slower swing speed. This is also an excellent option for players on a tight budget.


You know the distinctions between Q Star and Q Star Tour. However, after reading this far, you may have some questions. Please read our FAQs section below to clear up any confusion.

Do Srixon Q Star And Q Star Both Have The Same Swing Speed?

No, the swing speed of the Q Star tour is higher, ranging between 95 and 105 mph, as opposed to the lower swing speed of the Q Star, which ranges between 75 and 75+ mph. As a result, players with a fast swing speed will fare better when using the Q Star Tour ball.

Which Is Softer Between Q Star And Q Star Tour?

The Q Star and Q Star Tour balls are soft, but the Q Star Tour is softer than the Q Star. Because they generate more spin than harder golf balls, the Q Star Tour allows expert players to modify their strokes more easily.

What is the difference between Q Star and Q Star Tour?

As well as 81 with the Q star tour. So there’s a four-mile-per-hour difference in ball speed. Over the Q star tour, with the Q star. My Skytrak has an auto-populated Club speed, remember?

Who should use Q Star Tour?

This is my opinion. The Srixon Q-Star Tour 3 golf balls have a firm feel to them. This high-quality three-piece ball is ideal for intermediate golfers. The Q-Star Tour 3 is ideal for players who require more distance, a higher launch from tee to green, and a softer feel at impact.

Is Srixon Z Star as good as Pro V1?

While both are excellent choices, the Titleist Pro V1 remains the standard against which all other premium balls are measured. The Z Star is a good option for those who prefer softer feel golf balls with a little more spin than the Pro V1.

Which Srixon ball do tour players use?

Who Is Using Srixon Z-Star XV Balls on Tour? The Srixon Z-Star XV Ball is in the bags of six PGA Tour professionals, including Sepp Straka, Lucas Glover, and Shane Lowry.

What is Pro V1 compression?

According to our gauges, the Titleist Pro V1 has a compression of 87. While that is three points softer than the previous version, it is still solidly within the firm category across the market (though it is on the softer side for a Tour ball).

Is Q Star And Q Star Tour Both Beginner Friendly Golf Balls?

Both Q Star and Q Star Tour are ideal for beginning golfers. However, because the Q Star Tour is more expensive and has faster swing speeds, beginners should feel more at ease with the regular Q Star due to its lower price and slower swing speed.