Why Is My EZGo Charger Blinking Red? [Troubleshooting Tips]

The Ezgo charger is an essential component of the Ezgo Golf Cart battery. Even though Ezgo golf carts have very efficient chargers, they can encounter various issues. The charger indicates these issues by blinking in various patterns.

However, an Ezgo Charger blinking red indicates it sends L.E.D. fault codes. The slow blinking indicates a brief flash followed by complete darkness. When there is a problem with the battery charger, the red light on the charger and the external charger will flash continuously.

Because there is a connection failure between the batteries, the charger cannot detect them. Read the entire article to learn about Ezgo charger fault codes, how to solve each problem, and how to use the battery charger.

EZGo Charger Blinking Red

Ezgo Charger Flashing Red Light

The number of times the charger blinks red corresponds to a different fault code. Look at the table to get a general idea of each number of flashes.

Number of FlashesMeaning
OneCharge functionality fault
TwoThe voltage level is too short
ThreeCharger timeout
FourA problem with the battery
SixCharger is damaged

Continue reading to learn more about what each number of flashes means.

When The Charger Flashes Once?

When the charger flashes once and then stops, this indicates a charge functionality fault. Check the DC side connection for a faulty contact. Check that the plug is properly inserted into the cart’s side socket.

A temperature-related issue or defect could exist. The battery’s temperature can reach 122 degrees Fahrenheit or 50 degrees Celsius. Also, check the connection of the battery cables and tighten any loose connections.

To get a proper AC power supply, remove damaged circuits from the in-line fuse panels and test the restart button (circuit breaker). If none work, you can always contact your service provider for assistance.

When The Charger Flashes Twice?

The red L.E.D. lights used in the EZGO battery charger may have multiple meanings. The red light flashes twice if the voltage level is too low. It could indicate that the charger is attempting to charge the battery bank.

The battery bank’s voltage ranges between 36 and 67.2 volts. You could also double-check the charger’s attachment.

Then, try cleaning the contacts and re-tightening the connector to see if that resolves the problem.

The red light on your charger may blink for various reasons, including a faulty charger. The current in each battery should be measured to ensure that there is a method of detecting low battery voltage.

One of the bank’s batteries may have a very low voltage, lowering the overall charge level. You can charge this cell using the appropriate reduced charger to see if there is any way to increase the power.

You must wait for the affirming green light to appear if you want to be certain that your club car will work.

ez go charger fault codes

When The Charger Flashes Thrice?

Charger Timeout is indicated by three red flashes on the charger. It indicates that the charging time has exceeded 12 hours. Any of the following are possible:

  • There is a D.O.D. on the battery bank. It is an abbreviation for Depth of Discharge greater than 50%, which prevents the charger from charging.
  • Alternatively, the cells are old. Sulfation and buildup on the lead plates impede the smooth flow of amps and voltage. As a result, there is a high resistance and heat generation. In this case, you may need to replace the cells.
  • Battery charging: three blinks, a pause, three blinks, and a break also indicate a timeout. The total charging time exceeded 24 hours.

It could be a sign of a battery problem. Because of the high-temperature setting, the battery’s or the charger’s generated voltage dropped dramatically.

When The Charger Flashes Four Times?

If the charger flashes four times, the battery is faulty. And, despite leaving it on the charger for the maximum amount of time, the charge is not fully applied. It could imply that the batteries are no longer in good working order.

If you see four rapid red lights, the battery charger has run out of time. It indicates that the charging time exceeded the manufacturer’s recommended maximum for the Ezgo golf cart pack charger.

There is a problem with the battery system voltage not reaching the required voltage to turn off the charger in the allotted time.

The battery charging time has been exceeded if four rapid flashes are followed by a brief pause and four red blinks.

A problem has arisen in which the rechargeable battery voltage does not reach the minimum level within the time limit specified.

When The Charger Flashes Six Times?

Six blinks indicate a faulty charger. If the red light blinks six times, the charger circuit has detected an internal problem.

Remove the cords from the plug socket and the cart’s power source if the blinking continues after being disconnected and reconnected once.

You should ideally wait around 10 minutes. Reconnect the A/C part of the golf cart before the D/C one. If the blinking continues after reconnecting the alternating current power supply, a new charger or a trip to a repair shop is required.

However, if you notice six blinks, a pause, and then another set of six blinks and a pause, it could indicate that the charger has become faulty. The system has identified potential sources of trouble.

If this error message appears again after disconnecting and reconnecting the D.C. power adapter, the charger must be repaired.

Ezgo Charger’s Red And Green Lights Are Blinking

A problem with the adapter could cause the red and green lights on your EZGO golf cart charger to flash. Follow the steps below:

  • Remove the plug from the DC end. Please unplug the AC wall outlet from which it was receiving power.
  • Check that the battery connectors and the charger’s connecting end are clean.
  • Please allow about 10 minutes.
  • Connect the battery energy cable and the A.C. mains plug socket to the charger again.
  • Check that the indicator lights are no longer flashing red and green.
  • If the problem persists, you should have the charger inspected by a professional.

Some users believe there is no reason to be concerned if the charger is working properly and charging the battery. According to one customer, this red/green flash is normal when using a Powerwise QE charger.


You now understand the causes and solutions to various issues about the Ezgo Charger blinking red. It includes whether or not the charger is properly connected. It is possible that the charging port is damaged or loose at times, so be cautious. The fuse could have blown, or there could be dust in the charging port and sockets.

We attempted to address every possible cause of an Ezgo charger blinking red, and we hope you found the solution you were looking for. You should be aware of these minor details and take care of them for your golf cart battery charger’s health.