Club Car Battery Light Codes | Meaning And Troubleshooting

The golf club car’s battery alerts you whenever it is low on charge or experiencing other problems. It is a warning light indicating when your battery needs to be charged. You must know the various club car battery light codes to understand the battery’s status.

Club car batteries come in various colours and symbols, including red, orange, yellow, green, and green. It could indicate that the battery is not properly charged or connected, that the charge has dropped below average, or that there is a problem between the visage and the motor controller.

In this article, we will explain the various battery light codes on a club car and how to troubleshoot these codes in detail.

Club Car Battery Light Codes

What Do The Different Club Car Battery Light Codes Mean?

The battery’s indicator light changes colour depending on how much charge the battery has left. These distinct coloured indicator lights function as a code to alert you when something is wrong with the golf club car.

As such codes, you will notice a variety of symbols and colours on your club car. The following are the various club car battery light codes and their meanings:

A Green Battery With A White Lightning Symbol

This green light with a lightning symbol is a code that indicates the battery’s good health. This code appears when the battery is fully charged and running smoothly.

It confirms that the club car battery is in good working order. With this safe code, there is no need to be concerned about the battery failing while driving.

However, keep an eye on the light to see if it changes colour, as this indicates that you should be on the lookout for certain things.

Full Green Battery

A full green light is also a good indicator of the health of your battery. The green light indicates that the battery charge is still active, with more than 25% of the battery life remaining.

The disappearance of the lightning part from the green code indicates that some battery charges were used.

Yellow Battery With A % Symbol

If you receive the yellow battery code, the club car is in danger of shutting down soon. This code indicates that the battery has only 10 to 25% charge.

As a result, if you continue driving in this condition, the battery may die before you reach a charging station.

During this code display, you can monitor the percentage displayed on the indicator light. Drive carefully if you have a yellow battery light code. Returning to the car charging station as soon as possible is preferable.

Red Battery With A % Symbol

A red light code will undoubtedly alarm your mind, as red is never a good sign.

As expected, the red light code indicates that the battery percentage has dropped below 10%. If you see a red battery light code, you must charge the battery right away.

Having a red light code while driving is extremely dangerous in most cases. If the car gradually loses power, you won’t have enough time to get to a safe charging location.

Orange Battery With A Number Inside

An orange battery is used instead of the red and yellow light codes.

When a club car lacks the two light codes mentioned above, it uses the orange light code. All three light codes are also used in some vehicles.

The orange battery light indicates that the battery needs to be charged soon. A number will appear inside the bar, indicating the battery percentage. Please take note of it and charge your car battery accordingly.

Black Lightning Symbol

The black lightning symbol indicates that the battery pack is experiencing internal problems. It could mean the battery pack has completely died or not been charged properly.

This code indicates that, despite being perfectly connected, the battery pack cannot provide the energy required for the club car to operate.

If you encounter this code, properly charging the battery pack may help eliminate it. Otherwise, the battery pack is most likely dead and must be replaced.

A “?” Symbol Inside The Battery

This one-of-a-kind symbol denotes a problem with the motor controller and the club car’s appearance.

The visage informs the motor controller that the battery has been charged, allowing the engine to start. So these are two critical components for running a club car.

When there is no connection between the visage and the motor controller, the engine believes the battery is low on charge.

As a result, starting the club car is difficult, and this light code appears to alert you to the problem.

How Can You Troubleshoot And Fix The Problem If Your Club Car Battery Light Is On?

Due to various issues, the club car battery light may suddenly illuminate and continue to flash. In such cases, the club car may stall and cease to function within a few minutes.

Get the car to a safe location so that you can troubleshoot and fix the problem as soon as possible.

To troubleshoot the club car battery light, inspect the following components one by one and follow the instructions for each of them:

Reset The On Board Computer (OBC)

The most common cause of the battery light flashing is that the charger cannot charge the batteries fully.

If the charging is less than 90%, reset the OBC and test. To reset the OBC, perform the following steps:

  • First, disconnect the cable from the battery pack’s negative terminal.
  • Ascertain that the FNR switch is in the reverse position.
  • After this process, wait until the onboard computer’s power supply is completely depleted.
  • Connect the cable and charge the battery continuously.
  • Allow several hours before removing the charger from the batteries.
  • Wait a few seconds before reconnecting the battery charger properly.

This should clear the OBC system and stop the battery light from flashing.

Ensure Correct Battery Installation

The connection between the battery pack and the battery charger can occasionally fail. Examine the battery connections thoroughly to determine where the connections have been unable.

Some connections may be in reverse order or have incorrect polarity. Once you’ve identified the error in the installation, disassemble the links and reassemble them correctly.

During this procedure, follow the battery installation manual for the specific model of the club car.

Secure Loose Connections To The Batteries

In any electrical system, proper connections are essential. Following a battery change or battery checkup, there may be loose connections.

Examine the battery and its connections for any loose or missing wires. Locate the erroneous wire and reconnect it properly.

Ensure that the sole red wire is securely connected to the positive side of the battery pack.

Fully Charge Your Batteries Properly

Sometimes, you only need to charge the club car’s battery pack fully. A persistent lack of full charge can cause system anomalies and flashing battery lights.

Simply plugging the batteries into the appropriate battery charger will cure the low battery voltage. Allow the batteries to charge completely to 100%.

If the battery light continues to flash after a full charge, it may be time to replace the battery.

Stop Overcharging The Batteries

Overcharging the same batteries could cause the same issue as a lack of full charge. If you leave the charger connected to the battery for an extended period, the batteries may become boiled inside.

To avoid this, first inspect the batteries to see if they are still intact. When the batteries boil due to overcharging, bubbles form that produce hydrogen gas.

Allow the battery to cool for a few hours. After that, disconnect all electrical connections and use baking soda and water to clean the boiled battery surface. It should restore the battery once more.

Replace The Weak Batteries

Batteries that are old and worn out are bound to cause some problems here and there. Similarly, it could be the cause of the flashing lights.

If you tried the troubleshooting methods listed above and were unsuccessful, your batteries are too weak.

Replace old, inefficient batteries with new, more efficient ones. You could seek the assistance of a professional to ensure a smooth and proper replacement. The club car will perform better overall, with no flashing lights.

What Should You Do If Your Club Car Battery Light Comes On While Driving It?

Even if you know how to troubleshoot the club car battery light, it may come as a surprise when it illuminates while driving.

In such situations, you must make quick decisions for the sake of the car and yourself. Remember to do the following things as soon as you notice the battery light flashing:

Turn Off Every Unnecessary Electrical Component Instantly

When the light flashes, the battery begins to drain. So, unplug all electronics from the battery to avoid further battery drain.

Completely turn off the heater, air conditioner, and radio. Unplug any speakers or chargers from the electrical outlets as well.

Pull Over To A Safe Space

Once the light is turned on, you have 5 to 30 minutes before the club car shuts down. It is too dangerous to drive at this time. So, park the car somewhere nearby that is safe and secure.

Try driving there directly if you can get to any auto repair shop in minutes. Otherwise, pull over to a safe lane and seek assistance from a nearby repair shop.

Check The Possibly Affected Components

To determine the cause, examine the battery and its connections. If everything is in order, proceed to the fuse and alternator belt.

The fuse may have blown, or the alternator belt may have been damaged. To recover faster, inspect the damaged component.


In this FAQ section, we will discuss club car battery lights in greater detail. The answers below will answer all of your unanswered questions.

What Does The Battery Light On Club Car Mean?

The battery light on a club car indicates the battery is low on voltage. The light illuminates and remains lit when the battery percentage falls below 20%. When the battery percentage falls below 10, the light flashes.

What Causes The Battery Light To Come On A Club Car?

The battery light on a club car may illuminate due to:

1. Weak battery voltage
2. Loose or wrong connection
3. Blown fuse
4. Damaged alternator
5. Wrong battery installation
6. Overcharging

Is It Safe To Drive With The Battery Light On?

Driving a club car while the battery lights are on is dangerous. The battery light indicates the car battery’s low charge and imminent failure. Going in the middle of the road while so uncertain is too dangerous.

What Are The Different Types Of Lights On A Club Car?

Club cars have different types of lights to indicate other things. A club car may have any of the following types of lights:

1. Warning lights
2. Indicator lights
3. Tail lights
4. Headlights
5. Brake lights

How Long Can You Drive With The Battery Light On?

You can only drive for 30 to 60 minutes after your battery light turns on before the battery dies. The car will stall and stop working after this point, leaving you stranded. However, driving for 15 minutes is only recommended while the battery light is on.

What does the battery light mean on a club car?

When the battery state of charge drops below 10, the light starts flashing.

What does a flashing red light on golf cart battery charger mean?

Typically, this happens when the charger fails to receive a signal from the batteries, meaning there is a disconnection between the charger and the batteries.

What is the light code on a battery charger?

A RED LED that flashes serves as an indication of an error, while a solid YELLOW LED indicates the charger being in Bulk charging. On the other hand, the charger being in Absorption Mode can be identified by a flashing YELLOW LED. Lastly, a flashing GREEN LED signifies that the battery is fully charged and ready to use in Maintenance Mode.


You can determine the condition of your battery and how long it will be before you recharge it by using the various club car battery light codes. It is, therefore, advised to be aware of the specific significance of each light code indicated on the battery.

A healthy and long-lasting car battery for your cherished club car will be obtained by taking care of the battery with the light codes. If you carefully follow the instructions, troubleshooting the flashing battery lights might not be too difficult.

If necessary, you can ask a professional or auto repair shop to handle the trickier aspects of the procedure. Replace the battery, replace the alternator, or change the fuse; these tasks may require expert assistance.